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Message from Mr. Mohammad Idris
New generation, new Artists but Live Vision USA will not forget nor will leave behind the senior artists that helped Live Vision USA become what it is today and Live Vision USA would also not have been as successful as it is if it were not for all of you.




About Live Vision USA

Founded and started by Mr. Mohammad Idris in the early 1973’s. Mr. Mohammad Idris known as the pioneer in Pakistani entertainment being brought to North America. There are other companies who have tried to duplicate what Live Vision USA has done but an original is an original and can’t be duplicated. Live Vision USA brings a vision of the new and next generation. Live Vision USA will continue to bring the quality shows it is known for and will now deluge into the production aspect of this industry.

“In 2006 Live vision USA started “Events Management”

Entertainment acquisition and management local or national bands, ethnic entertainment, comedians, impressionists or almost any other kind of entertainment. Live Vision USA has the access and capability to negotiate and provide event-specific entertainment even you have unique events. Live Vision USA can provide sound, lighting production Laser and Pyrotechnics services for any event of any kind or size, manage staging and set Design.
Food and Beverage management (hotel and any off property venues) to develop menus, plan the décor set-up and staffing all under the budget you provided. To provide all production facility of the feature films and TV productions (including visa, location permission insurance etc)

If your next event deserves to be perfect we encourage you to contact us.

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